Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Online Bingo Rooms Receive Top Honors

If you reside in Scotland or ever find yourself in Scotland (sorry, just wearing a kilt doesn't count), you should consider checking out the only dedicated Scottish online bingo site. Called none other than Bingo Scotland, the popular online destination finished in the top percentage of Which Bingo's Bingo Site of the Year Awards, as well as the CM Team of the Year awards. With votes cast by players, these awards truly mark a great bingo room.

Bingo Scotland was launched in late 2005, and has become a huge hit in a relatively short period of time. Undoubtedly the most popular and largest online bingo site in Scotland, the fast-growing bingo room has gotten the attention of all of the U.K. Now awarding over £20,000 everyday in guaranteed jackpots, the tens of thousands of players who call Bingo Scotland home have apparently been quite satisfied with the action here.

Okay, I know it might sound funny to some of you to hear the word "action" used to describe the slow and easy game of bingo. But I'll tell you what. Until you take part in a live online bingo match and make use of all the features that today's top bingo rooms offer, you really have no idea how much "action" you can really get playing online bingo.

Besides hosting new bingo games every few minutes 24/7, the best online bingo rooms even offer side online casino games and live chat games. Speaking of live chat, this is probably what turns bingo players into bingo fanatics. The social aspect of online bingo is a major benefit, oftentimes spurring friendships and dare I say companionship. Hey, who needs mySpace when you have online bingo? And if you are really looking for some "action", there's always Desperate Housewives Bingo Room. Actually, Desperate Housewives and the Bingo Workz network of online bingo sites are some of the best and most fun bingo rooms out there, especially with U.S. players.

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